Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team represents the view of our pupils. It enables children's voices to be heard and for them to play an active role in the development of the school and wider community. The JLT aim to promote the key British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and, respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, alongside fundraising for a variety of local, national and global charitable organisations.

Junior Leadership Team
“I want to help people to be kinder during lunch and break times.” “I wanted to be in the JLT to make our school a better place so that every morning children wake up with a smile on their faces.” “I want to share ideas with people and help to make everyone happy in school.”
“I wanted to join the JLT so I could help prevent bullying and give everyone that ‘bit of fun’ they deserve.” “I want to help the school improve at sport.” “I wanted to be on the JLT because I want everyone’s voice to be heard.”
“I wanted to be on the JLT to help the school be the best it can be, to help raise money for charity, and to make school fun for all children.” “I want to improve how we listen to each other, and to help children make their own choices.” “I would like to improve the school by organising events and improving behaviour.”
“I want to make the school better so that every child wants to come to Hill Farm.” “I want to share the great ideas children have for our school.” “I want to help make lessons fun and exciting for everyone.”
“I want to help make the school a safer place.” “I want to help the school get better and bring inspirational visitors to encourage everyone to never give up.” “I want the JLT to help others and listen so that we can solve any problems.”