Term Dates

Attendance at school

It is well recognised that good, consistent attendance at school is crucial to a child’s future prospects. Reducing absence from school is a priority at Hill Farm as well as at schools locally and nationally.

In September 2013, the Department for Education made changes to the guidance given to headteachers about the authorisation of holidays taken in term time. These changes mean that headteachers are no longer able to authorise any requests for leave of absence in term time unless it is in exceptional circumstances. These occasions are extremely rare.

If you believe you need to take your child out of school for exceptional circumstances, please request this absence using a ‘Request for Absence’ form which can be collected from the school office. In order to be considered, this form must be received by school no later than 10 working days before the absence is planned. The school will then make a decision as to whether the absence will be authorised or not and will inform you of this in writing. If the absence is not authorised and your child is going to be absent from school for more than 5 days, then you risk being issued with a penalty fine of £60 per parent.

If you have any questions relating to leave of absence or attendance in general, please contact the school.

2020/2021 School Terms and Holidays

Term Pupil Dates Teacher Days

Autumn 2020

Tuesday 1 September 2020 to

Friday 18 December 2020

Tuesday 1 September 2020


Friday 23 October 2020


Half Term Break

Monday 26 October 2020 to Friday 30 October 2020

Christmas Holiday

Monday 21 December 2020 to Friday 1 January 2021


Spring 2021

Monday 4 January 2021 to Thursday 1 April 2021


Half Term Break

Monday 15 February 2021 to Friday 19 February 2021

Easter Holiday

Friday 2 April 2021 to

Friday 16 April 2021


Summer 2021

Monday 19 April 2021 to

Wednesday 21 July 2021


May Day Holiday

Monday 3 May 2021

Half Term Break

Monday 31 May 2021 to

Friday 4 June 2021

Summer Holiday

Thursday 22 July 2021