Some excellent writing examples on the current Year 5 theme of "Biomes" by Shai McNamara of Class 5A. Well done Shai!

Our Vision

Inspiring children, improving lives 

Throughout their learning journey at Hill Farm Primary, our children will learn within a safe and happy environment that will foster respect, empathy and resilience.

Care and support will be at the heart of our school community, in which everyone will continually grow and flourish.

Our innovative and creative curriculum prepares children for their future, inspiring them to take on greater challenges and develop into confident learners, who are proud of their achievements and who they are.                                                  

A message from the new Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

It gives me great pleasure to write this introductory letter to you in my role as your new Headteacher. It stood out clearly, from the first moment that I came to Hill Farm, that this is a school with an extraordinary community, who wish the utmost success for their children and who have a caring and supportive ethos at their core. Hill Farm is undoubtedly a welcoming and nurturing school with amazing children and very dedicated staff which I feel it will be a great privileged to lead.

Our previous Headteacher, Miss Jones, did an excellent job leading and managing the school.  It is my aim to build on the secure blocks that she has laid down, towards ensuring that our school is forward thinking and ambitious.

Having taught in all year groups within my many years of teaching and being a parent myself, I fully appreciate how important each year of school is towards preparing our children for life. I am passionate about teaching and have high expectations of all abilities of children and I will strive to ensure that our school supports them to be well rounded individuals. I strongly believe that school is the opportunity for children to discover and unlock hidden talents in a fun and nurturing environment. Every child has the ability to do amazing things if a school provides the right opportunities.

I am fully committed to our school and in working alongside parents, carers, staff and the Governing Body we will lead our school in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Wills



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